Joni Zavitsanos to discuss LIVING ICONS, CoVid victims memorial, on display through May

International artist Joni Zavitsanos and her collaborator Karen Hoovestol Weimmer will be at the Houston health museum Sunday December 5 from 11 am – 5 pm to talk about the exhibit  “LIVING ICONS: A Commemoration of the Victims of Houston’s CoVid-19 Pandemic.” The exhibit has been extended through at least May at the John P. […]

Craig Cohen interviews Joni Zavitsanos on Local NPR Houston Matters Show

International artist Joni Zavitsanos was interviewed October 12 by Craig Cohen on his radio show Houston Matters on Houston Public Media, the Houston-based NPR station. They discussed her “LIVING ICONS: A Commemoration of the Victims of Houston’s Covid-19 Pandemic” which will be on display this October 16 through next year at the John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science in Houston.  You […]

Joni Zavitsanos’ Living Icons COVID-19 Victim Memorial Exhibit Opens October 16

International artist Joni Zavitsanos’ “LIVING ICONS: A Commemoration of the Victims of Houston’s Covid-19 Pandemic” will be on display this October 16 and run at least through May 2022 (update)  at the John P. McGovern Museum of Health & Medical Science in Houston. The museum website notes: “Living Icons is a photo exhibit that features hundreds […]

Joni Zavitsanos Featured at Orthodox Arts Festival 2021 in the United Kingdom

Four of international artist Joni Zavitsanos’ pieces will be featured September 17 through September 26 at the Orthodox Arts Festival 2021 in Glastonbury, UK. The galleries will be available for viewing online through sophisticated virtual reality tools.  The event hosted at the Heavenly Path Art Gallery features orthodox artists and can be seen at […]

Joni Zavitsanos Featured in Reuters National Story on the Grief from 600,000 Lost to CoVid

International artist Joni Zavitsanos was quoted and pictured in a Reuters’ piece U.S. COVID-19 deaths cross painful 600,000 milestone as country reopens.  In a story about the pain American families have suffered because of CoVid, the news service discusses the amazing memorial Ms. Zavitsanos has developed to honor the Houston area dead. “In Houston, artist […]

Joni Zavitsanos Writes About the Sadness of Prison Covid-19 Deaths

International artist Joni Zavitsanos writes about the tragic stories of Texas prisoners who died of Covid-19 that she learned about while creating her tribute art piece “LIVING ICONS: A Commemoration of the Victims of Houston’s Covid-19 Pandemic.” In Covid in the Prisons: The Ungrievable Neighbor featured in Public Orthodoxy, a publication of the Orthodox Christian […]

International Artist Joni Zavitsanos Featured in ShoutoutHTX

Artist Joni Zavitsanos is profiled in an interview on the website ShoutoutHTX in Meet Joni Zavitsanos: Artist where she discusses her CoVid memorial project, her art, her muses and places she loves in Houston. Ms. Zavitsanos explains how she decided to memorialize Houston area victims of the CoVid pandemic. She scoured local news and reached […]

Joni Zavitsanos’ COVID-19 Memorial Featured in the Houston Chronicle

International artist Joni Zavitsanos’ touching mosaic memorial honoring the Houston area people killed by COVID-19 was featured in the Houston Chronicle story “Houston artist launches a COVID memorial project.” A story by senior writer Molly Glentzer chronicled how Ms. Zavitsanos started gathering names slowly in the spring but wound up getting more and more folks […]

Joni Zavitsanos’ Houston Area COVID-19 Victim Memorial Featured on Local NBC-TV Affiliate

In a story “Local artist remembers faces of COVID-19 through new project,” KPRC-TV reporter Brandon Walker explains to Houston viewers the art project that international artist Joni Zavitsanos is developing to honor the lives of Houston area people lost to the virus. “I don’t want these loved ones to be forgotten . . . A […]