Four of international artist Joni Zavitsanos’ pieces will be featured September 17 through September 26 at the Orthodox Arts Festival 2021 in Glastonbury, UK. The galleries will be available for viewing online through sophisticated virtual reality tools. 

The event hosted at the Heavenly Path Art Gallery features orthodox artists and can be seen at

“I’m honored to be included in this prestigious festival that is designed to be shared worldwide with Orthodox communities and those seeking inspiration from art,” said Ms. Zavitsanos. 

The Orthodox Arts Festival is an international online event devoted to Orthodox Christian Artists that takes place every year. The goal is to provide possibilities for active orthodox artists to share their combined creativity and inspiration with the rest of the world. The physical limits of typical venue-based events will not restrict this event. The exhibit will be available on Virtual Reality Platforms. Works include iconography, fine arts, photography, film, church music, and literature all based on Orthodox Christian ideas, culture, and values. 

Ms. Zavitsanos’ work perfectly fits with the festival’s theme. Her art is shaped by Byzantine Iconography, the earliest form of Christian art. Under its influence, color schemes, figures, architectural edifices, historical events, and visual perspective all play an important role in each collaged piece she creates. Her work is greatly influenced by her late father, renown Byzantine iconographer Diamantis Cassis. 

Drawing from these two streams of artistic and spiritual exposure, Ms. Zavitsanos strives to convey to the viewer a sense of the ancient past made present in today’s world.