VoyageHouston, an online magazine about Houston neighborhoods’ vibes, cultures, and histories, featured international artist Joni Zavitsanos’ piece Baptism (2015).

In an entry called  #HoustonCreatives: the local artists who inspire us the zine used the Baptism piece up top and included Ms. Zavitsanos’ Instagram post about the art with live links to comments. Several other local artists were also mentioned.

Ms. Zavitsanos wrote of the piece on her Instagram post:

Baptism, 2015, mixed media on canvas. Here it is, just another day of fun down by the river. People are swimming and doing their own thing, while something quite mystical and miraculous is actually happening. Jesus stands with arms crossed, resolute to begin his ministry. John the Baptist humbly does his duty, bathing Jesus in milk (a subtle reference to the Land of Milk and Honey). The dove flies above them, and the voice of God with the hand and pitcher coming out of the clouds, tells him, “Great job, Son!”

Editors of VoyageHouston expect to feature a Q and A with Ms. Zavitsanos soon.